Carie Winchell, LMHC, CMHS, MHP
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Hello and welcome!  It is my goal to provide therapeutic services that will help enhance your life to its full potential and to provide you support while you work towards living a more conscious life.   I am dedicated to assisting you in regaining a balanced sense of self and reclaiming your personal power and joy.  My treatment approach focuses on the influence of the mind and body on one's spirit and overall way of being in the world.  I bring a great deal of compassion and openness to sessions and I have a strong admiration for those who choose to challenge and heal long lived “mistaken beliefs” about themselves which dictate how we walk through life and ultimately the experiences we attract.

I offer a unique blending of neuroscience and the metaphysical.  My approach consists of exploring the conscious and unconscious physical experience and how it is connected to one’s life experiences and resulting state of mind, emotional state, and perception of the world.  I specialize in bridging the emotional, physical, and spiritual and I desire to work with clients who prefer holistic healing.  I bring my clairvoyant and intuitive gifts to sessions and I incorporate the Tarot, North Node Astrology, and Soul Retrieval Work when this seems beneficial.

I enjoy supporting people in gaining a deeper level of understanding and awareness of what their body and spirit is communicating to them so that they can begin to heal themselves.  I believe that what we experience in our bodies are often messengers creating an opportunity to heal and evolve.  Becoming deeply connected to oneself results in an enlightened sense of possibilities.  I also support individuals in navigating and understanding how to be in the world and in relationship as change begins to occur.  I am very passionate about working with couples/families who are interested in improving their relationship in order to evolve together as well as supporting individuals with their relationship with themselves and the outside world.  

My practice is located within the beautiful wellness center of Bloom Wellness.

"If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you I came to live out loud!" -Emile Zola